Paperbirds promo website is coming soon. Until we are under the pre-production stage, the website will display only a direct link to this blog and a link to the official twitter page!

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Paperbirds is an independent short movie written and directed by Luca Cervini.

The entire work will be done with a budget zero production, thanks to the free collaborations of young talented european artists.

The project has artistic and sperimental purpose, and actually is at the pre-production stage. Be informed about our progress by following this blog!

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"An idea is like a rare bird which cannot be seen. What one sees is the trembling of the branch it has just left."
Lawrence George Durrel
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We are currently looking for :

  • a female voice for the english ending theme.
  • a sound designer

3D Artists specialized on :

  • Modeling
  • Rigging
  • Animation

Stiamo inoltre cercando un tecnico del suono per l’audio in presa diretta, con attrezzatura personale. Zona Milano o provincia, e zona Lecco o provincia.

Free the paperbirds with us.
We would be glad to have you aboard!

Contact us  for more info about our open research.

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